Our Team

David Smith & Joerg Eichmann

John David Smith and Joerg Eichmann, Owners

For eleven years, we were partners in a horse breeding and training facility. During those years, we spent more time traveling than we had ever anticipated, following the eventing circuit here, and looking for breeding stock in Europe and the British Isles. Whether we were in Dundalk or Dublin, we always tried to end the day with a good meal, a glass of wine and a friendly hearth to comfort us until we were back home. And we quite often had some remarkable meals.

When we talk about the most memorable of those meals, we realize that most of them were simply familiar fare, but prepared in such a way that it nudged the boundaries of our experience and forced us to appreciate the familiar in a totally different light. Invariably, when the food, the wine, and the fire all hit the mark, we always said, “Wouldn’t it be great to own a place like this?”

So, now we do, and invite you to make it your own experience.

Daniel Kalber, Executive Chef

Chef Daniel Kalber is the culinary maestro of Village Square, and is a graduate of Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY. He brings the traditions of this great school to the Village Square kitchen while integrating into the menus his interpretation of Winchester’s traditions, techniques and local products.